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Weekender series

For a lot of people, getting away for more than a few days is difficult to do because of work, family, and other life obligations.  There are times that I’m itching to get away but I just can’t take the time off work, or I can only take a day or two.  But if you plan it right, these obligations don’t have to be a barrier to having a couple of days to explore the world around you. Getting away for even a day is a great way to re-set without upending your life or breaking your budget.

So, I’m starting my “Weekender” series, which will highlight short trips (between 2-4 days) within the United States, from weekend trips to the Gulf Coast to exploring national monuments in Washington D.C. I’ll include hotel deals and reviews, must-see attractions, great restaurants, good cocktails, rooftop bars (my personal favorite), free things to do, and any other information that might be useful to potential travelers.

Bon voyage!


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