Travel Consulting

I constantly receive questions and requests from friends who are planning trips, asking for my advice on where to go, how to get there, what to do while there, and so forth. I love giving out this advice, so I figured why not make it a service?

I’ll be offering travel consulting and itinerary planning as a paid service. It could be something as small as giving hotel recommendations, to as big as planning an entire trip, from flights all the way down to booking sight-seeing tours. The best part is that this service will be completely personal to the traveler, based on likes/dislikes, budget, and the amount you want to plan yourself.

I’ve traveled to a great many places myself, so I have a lot of experience with both destinations and the ups and downs of planning an extensive trip.  If I don’t have personal knowledge about a destination, I likely either know someone who has traveled there, or I know where to look to find the important information needed to plan a fantastic vacation.

There will be more details to come soon, as well as an informational form that will help get the ball rolling.

Happy travels!

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